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Latest Invention: Exo-Hand - Robotic Arm that Can Boost Power or Work Remotely


The German company, called Festo, based in Stuttgart, is one of the few firms that today focus on the typical issues of industrialized nations.

One of the problems is demographic change, with the average age of employees constantly rising. Heinrich Frontzek, Festo's spokesman mentioned that industrialized countries are in need of a high-tech solution, so employees working until 67 could carry out different physical tasks.

The German firm boasts has over 15,000 employees, and today it is among the top firms in the field of control and automation technology. Its latest invention is power amplifiers for tired hands.

Older employees working in the construction field, for example, will surely benefit from power amplifiers, believes Frontzek. The company has come up with a glove that increases human power by 100 percent.

The device is also known as Exo-hand and it resembles a robot's hand. The Exo-hand can also be used to perform remote-controlled tasks. Thus the user will be able to make different motions which in turn are emulated by the robotic hand found hundreds of kilometers away. In such a way it would be possible to work in dangerous areas such as Fukushima.

The robotic hand was unveiled at this year's Hanover Trade Fair.

[via DW]

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