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Latest Invention: EyeHear - Device that Projects Spoken Words on Glasses


Designer Kaitlyn Fox is the author of a device for people with hearing problems.

The gadget features a microphone and a built-in mini-computer. It is mounted on a pair of glasses and is able to record a person's speech and afterwards transform it into text that is displayed on the glasses.

Thus people who suffer from hearing loss can read the text and understand what other people are saying.

Fox's latest invention is called the EyeHear. It is worth mentioning that the device makes use of special speech-to-text software that can convert spoken works into text. The latter is then displayed onto the bottom of the glasses' lens with the help of a small pico-projector, informs GizmoWatch. Everything is made in real-time.

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//2 Nov 03, 2010 09:54 PM | posted by: eliseo torres
i like that cool glasses with eyehear device. i am deaf. i could use that to communication with my families. when will eyehear device is in market for sell?? i would like to buy it. i am really happy that you create it and invent it. it would help alots to disable people and deaf/hard of hearing people.
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//1 Oct 10, 2010 12:16 PM | posted by: srimathi
it was very nice...but what is the cost...........

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