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Latest Invention: Fabric that Transmits Power and Data to Device Through Garments


A British firm called Intelligent Textiles, has recently presented its latest invention - a military uniform made of electrically conductive fabric that can transmit data and electricity.

It should be noted that the fabric does not contain any wires - it is actually a conductive yarn. This means that even if the fabric is cut in several places it will still continue functioning properly.

The first step in using the fabric involved the integration of the conductive yarn into a military vest, shirt, backpack, helmet and gloves.

The idea behind the invention is that any soldier will have the possibility to carry and recharge a single battery pack with the latter being used to charge all electronics a soldier carries without any extra cables.

The invention has already been tested, and additional trials in the field are expected to take place later this year. The yarn will most likely be deployed by 2014 or 2015.

[via BBC]

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