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Latest Invention: Flaca Lamp Made of Stainless Steel and 12 LEDs Can Last a Lifetime


This elegant stainless steel Flaca desk lamp was designed by Mexico's Masiosare Studio. It is energy-efficient, consuming only 6W of power due to the 12 LEDs.

However, the most impressive is probably the flat laser-cut steel that the user can easily bend in any shape.

When the user receives the package with the lamp, only 4 bends are needed to finish the stand. It is worth mentioning that the LEDs come with self-adhesive tape that ensures a good fixing to the stand.

The lamp has a footprint of 200 x 130 mm and stands 350 mm tall. It gets power from a 110-120 V supply, and draws a current of 48 mA.

Besides being eco-friendly, the lamp is stylish and simplistic, being made of a single material, which makes it easy to produce. Due to the fact that Flaca is made of stainless steel and LEDs serve are the light source (with a quoted lifespan of 50,000 hours), the entire construction will last a lot longer than the lamp's counterparts.

[via Fast Co. Design]

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