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Latest Invention: Flexible E-Ink Device that Can Be Used as PDA, Watch, Phone etc.


A group of researchers at Queen's University Human Media Lab managed to come up with a device called the Snaplet, which represents a wearable e-ink display bracelet.

By mixing flexibility and functionality, this invention can be called a "paper" computer. It is equipped with numerous sensors that are used to spot the shape of the screen. Thus when the user wears the display around the wrist, the sensors make it possible for the person to use the device as a watch and media player.

When the device is flat, it can play the role of a PDA with some notepad features, which means that you can have your entire office work anywhere anytime.

Paperphone is one of the applications for the flexible e-ink display that can be developed in the near future. Featuring an ultra-lightweight thin flexible e-ink display, the smartphone boasts numerous features, allowing the user to store books, listen to the music and make phone calls (obviously).

According to Roel Vertegaal, the director of Human Media Lab, in the near future every device with look like this, allowing the user to carry a gadget that can bend and used as a cell phone, or as an electronic newspaper on which users can write with a pen.

[via Human Media Lab]

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