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Latest Invention: Flexible E-paper from LG


The South Korean tech giant LG recently presented its latest invention - flexible e-paper which resembles the traditional newspaper. The device could save tons of paper, wastewater and considerably cut carbon emissions.

LG presented a model that has a 19-inch screen and is just 0.3mm thick, which is equivalent to five sheets of paper. The device weights 130 grams and is different from other e-readers due to the fact that it features a new technology that allows it to bend and return to initial shape.

Because of the resemblance to the traditional newspaper, the company expects high demand for its invention.

Not only does the invention represent an alternative for traditional newspapers and such devices as the Amazon Kindle; due to the debates about the environmental impact of other e-readers and the concerns regarding the harvesting of hundreds of millions of trees to produce paper, LG's latest invention can truly become a mass product.

Currently there is no information on the amount of energy the device is going to consume. But it is known that the 19-inch display was developed only for the show and that the product that will hit the markets is going to have an 11.5-inch display, informs DigiTimes. The company's latest invention will appear in the first half of 2010.

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