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Latest Invention: Flexible Multi-touch Screen Tech


Researchers from New York University has come up with an idea to create a firm called Touchco and develop flexible multi-touch screens that react to different objects, fingers and hands. According to the team, headed by Ken Perlin and Ilya Rosenberg from the Media Research Laboratory, their latest invention could be used for various applications, including e-readers and even musical instruments.

The IFSR (interpolating force-sensitive resistance) technology features resistors that respond to the pressure a person applies to the touch sensitive material. Mixed with scanning technology, the latest invention from Techco in theory can offer infinite simultaneous touch inputs. In addition, the technology consumes little power and is quite inexpensive. The material is expected to hit the market at a price of just $10 per square foot. It would be interesting to note that a touch pad is just 0.25 mm thick.

According to Perlin, the company's latest invention is likely to be used in the next generation of e-readers that will hit the market later this year. Besides, Techco looks forward to have its technology used in laptops and musical instruments.

The team has also been working together with Disney. The project that the two companies have been working on involves the creation of a digital sketchbook that would make use of pressure sensors. The latter would be able to differentiate the touch of a hand, brush or pencil. To see more applications of the technology and see how it works, make sure to watch the video below.

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