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Latest Invention: Flying-Wing - New-Gen Unmanned Aerial Vehicle


VTOL Technologies, a British company, recently presented its new UAV that boasts improved stability, hovering ability and lower footprint compared to previous models. The latest invention of VTOL features four movable rotors which allow the vehicle to deliver heavy cargos despite its rather small size. The new UAV, dubbed Flying-Wing, is also four times more endurable compared to other vertical take-off and landing UAV vehicles.

According to VTOL Technologies, its latest invention represents a mix of new technologies that considerably improve the vehicle's performance, while considerably simplifying the flight controls and increasing its drag.

The main idea was to create an UAV that would be able to function properly even when one or two motors break down. It is worth mentioning that the vehicle was designed to be able to withstand wind gusts and show quick stall recovery, informs Gizmag.

The new UAV could be used in an urban environment and even launched from moving cars. It can operate perfectly in tight spaces and land on the deck of a vessel in any weather. It took 8 years for the British company to develop the Flying-Wing. VTOL Technologies says that its latest invention could be used in counter piracy operations for the Summer Olympic Games that will take place in London in 2012. It could also prove to be useful in traffic monitoring, border surveillance and humanitarian relief.

Some technical specifications of the new UAV:

  • Gross Takeoff Weight: 3.25Kg
  • Width: 1.25m
  • Length: 0.61m
  • Height: 0.28m
  • Max forward speed: >80kts
  • Max sideslip: 15kts
  • Noise levels: <65db
  • Power Source: LiPo cells

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