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Latest Invention: FlyNano - Fully-Electric Vehicle that Drives, Floats and Flies


A team of engineers in Finland managed to come up with a single-seater electric seaplane called FlyNano.

The vehicle can take you up into the sky, travel on water, or take you on a road trip. Initially the plane was designed in a way to receive power from two-stroke gas and electric powertrains. However, due to the advancements made recently in electric motors and lithium-ion batteries, the developers made the vehicle entirely electric.

The FlyNano is very compact, with a wingspan being just 5 meters, and a carbon fiber chassis weighting less than 70 kilograms (154 pounds) without a pilot.

The take off weight of the vehicle is just 200 kilograms (440 pounds) and it is able to reach 140kph (87mph) while in the sky, and fly at an altitude of 3 kilometers (9,820 feet).

Another impressive feature is the range of the vehicle. FlyNano is able to register 70 kilometers (43 miles) on a single charge. The main drawback of the vehicle is its current battery that can last for only about 30 minutes.

The FlyNano was presented at AERO-Expo in Friedrichshafen, where the developers described it as a leisure vehicle.

At the moment the vehicle wears a price tag of $33,750 and the storage trailer can be acquired for $6,625.

[via FlyNano]

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