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Latest Invention: FURO-K - Future Robot's New Kiosk Robot


A company called Future Robot has presented a new service robot that can work as a friendly kiosk.

According to the firm people are more likely to wait in line to speak with someone than making use of a kiosk. This is why Future Robot had its FURO-K designed to look cute and appealing.

In addition, the robot can surf around a certain environment greeting customers and explaining its features.

It is worth mentioning that FURO-K comes with a built-in circuit card (ICC) reader, and near field communication (NFC) to perform non-contact data transactions. The robot can also accept credit card payments and can even provide a receipt.

Future Robot has already managed to sell its invention to major hospitals in Korea and will soon start providing services. But the most impressive thing is that Brazil ordered not less than a hundred FURO-Ks with anime-inspired female faces. These robots will work as waitresses.

The goal is to use the machines as mobile advertisement and data kiosks at different places in the country, including airports and malls. The firm has also sold robots to Japan, China, and France.

"The key strength of Future Robot, in my opinion, is its human-robot interaction technology which is compatible with all other robots," mentioned Future Robot's CEO, Se-kyong Song, who graduated the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), worked at Samsung and Philips robot research labs and is then decided to set up his own company.

[via Korea IT Times]

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