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Latest invention: Futuristic Santa Sleigh Developed by GE Researchers


Researchers from the GE Global Research have a tradition - each year they present their latest inventions during the holiday season. In 2008 scientists showcased the world's first OLED Christmas tree that featured the company's bendable, paper-thin lights.

In 2009 they decided to create something even more special and presented a futuristic technologically advanced sleigh that combines top 10 latest inventions that scientists from Global Research developed this year.

Below you can get more information on the new sleigh, including information regarding the lightweight carbon fiber compounds used to make the frame, the icephobic coatings to help avoid ice buildup, self-powered OLED lighting that offers clear illumination even at 30,000 feet, sodium batteries that collect and store extra power, as well as new sleigh blades that are manufactured using ceramic matrix composites for ensuring a more efficient flight and a wireless medical sensor that would keep Santa informed about his health.

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