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Latest Invention: Gadget that Translates Dog's Language


Want to understand what your dog is barking? For the first time presented in 2002, the Bowlingual comes back, the gadget examines a dog's bark and then identifies its emotion. The latest invention was developed by toymaker Takara Tomy, which looks forward to present the toy in August. Currently the gadget is expected to be sold only in Japan.

It is worth mentioning that Takara Tomy's latest invention was initially developed by an audio researcher and a veterinarian. The goal was to study and then convey the sound of a dog's bark. The company claims that its new device is able to identify and interpret six basic emotions.

The first version featured a microphone that had to be worn around a dog's neck. There was also a handheld unit that read the information sent from the microphone. The unit then identified the dog's emotion and showed the corresponding information on its screen. The current invention includes a more compact unit that incorporates a speech synthesizer that audibly informs you about the things your pet attempts to communicate. The unit also shows the information on the screen. You can find more curious and interesting latest inventions here at; please consider checking the links at the bottom of the story.

If the user wants to analyze the information later, they can save it. This latest invention also features an answering machine function, which allows the user to track the dog's feelings when the owner is away. It is worth mentioning that in 2002, when the invention was introduced, the Time Magazine marked it as a "Best Invention of 2002." Takara Tomy even gave several Bowlinguals to Vladimir Putin for his dogs.

Up till now there has been no information about the release date of new Bowlingual in the United States. When it hit the stores in Japan, the gadget will cost about $220.

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