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Latest Invention: Gauntlet - Glove with Built-in Keyboard for Portable Devices


Traditional keyboards come in various shapes and offer myriads of different functions. But they are not intended to be used while walking, for instance. Whenever you go out and need to use a keyboard Gauntlet is there to help you.

The device is a glove that features a built-in one handed keyboard and supports wireless keyboard functionality. The name of the device is an abbreviation of Generally Accessible Universal Nomadic Tactile Low-power Electronic Typist.

During the designing process, the team of University of Alabama researchers, headed by Jiake Liu, decided to include in the keyboard the most frequently used letters in the English alphabet. In addition, they studied the most natural hand movements and applied the collected data to the letters.

As there are fewer letters on the glove than on a regular keyboard, researchers gave the device more complex gestures. For example, to erase letters or words the user should simple perform a swipe gesture.

Here's how the invention works: when you type, signals are transmitted by conductive thread to a miniature printed circuit board (PCB). From there, the information is sent via Bluetooth to a computer, tablet or cell phone.

The team plans to make the glove useful not only for the disabled but for the military, gaming, and music areas.

[via UAHuntsville]

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