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Latest Invention: Geminoid DK - the World's Most Realistic Robot


Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor at Osaka University together with his colleagues at Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, created a new robot called Geminoid DK.

The most interesting fact about the invention is that it represents the accurate replica of Aalborg University Professor Henrik Scharfe.

It is worth mentioning that the robot is the first in a series based on personalities outside Japan. According to the inventor, the machine is intended to push forward android science and philosophy, in searching for answers to fundamental questions.

The first robot creates by Ishiguro was the replica of its creator, the second machine copied the look of a Japanese model and the third robot was the "reincarnation" of Danish professor Scharfe. The latter mentioned that he is going to carry out a number of tests of the new robot in Japan and then take it to Denmark.

According to Ishiguro, the team's main goal is to further understand the "emotional affordances" in interaction between a machine and a human.

The Geminoids can be remotely controlled, being equipped with advanced motion-capture technology. The latter allows the machine to mimic facial expressions and precisely imitate head motions.

[via IEEE Spectrum]

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