Tuesday, 23 Aug, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: GHOST Drone for Security Missions


Researchers from the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have unveiled their latest invention - a mini-drone that offers real-time video to infantry and armored units that carry out missions in urban regions.

The device is called GHOST. Weighting 9 pounds (4 kg), the unmanned platform is equipped with an automatic vertical takeoff and landing system. In addition, GHOST features twin rotary electrical engines and can stay in the air for up to 30 minutes.

Researchers say that the vehicle is very simple to control, because the interface was developed in a way to resemble a video game and thus little raining is required.

The system is composed of 2 platforms, batteries and a command control unit. Everything can be carried by 2 soldiers in their backpacks. GHOST drone was developed to perform paramilitary security missions, as well as homeland duties.

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