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Latest Invention: Glass that Can Clean Groundwater from Pollutants


Scientist from the College of Wooster managed to come up with a special glass that can swell like a sponge. The glass could be used to clean contaminated sources of water. The invention can bind with different pollutants like gasoline, but it does not bind with water. It can collect toxins from polluted groundwater.

The material, named Obsorb, can truly become one of the most useful inventions that contribute to the environment. The invention is currently being developed by a firm called Absorbent Materials.

Besides being able to clean the groundwater from contaminants, the latest invention from Absorbent Materials offers a rather inexpensive method of cleaning. It is worth mentioning that the pollutant that is difficult to remove is chlorinated solvent trichloroethene (TCE). In case nanoparticles of iron are added to the glass, it would be possible to transform TCE or PCE into a safe substance.

After collecting enough pollutants, the Obsorb is skimmed off while it floats on the surface. Then the glass is cleaned and can be reused. The process can be repeated hundreds of times, informs CleanTechnica.

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