Friday, 15 Jul, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Glowing Wallpaper from Philips


The famous tech company Philips looks forward to begin marketing its latest invention - glowing wallpaper that was created in collaboration with Kvadrat Soft Cells, a sound insulation firm.

Philips decided to integrate its addressable LEDs into the acoustic panels developed by Kvadrat. Thus the two companies managed to come up with textile wallpaper that illuminates in a wide range of colors.

It would be interesting to note that besides acting as sound insulation, the acoustic panels are able to respond to sounds by changing the color in sync with the music.

The panels can take different forms due to a patented aluminum frame that makes it possible for the panels to take the needed shape in order to fit in different spaces.

Although there's currently no information on the price of the wallpaper, it will most likely not be low. Nevertheless, the company plans to find customers among companies rather than individuals. Thus in the near future Philip's luminous wallpaper could be seen in shops, hotels and corporate headquarters, reports Physorg.

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