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Latest Invention: gTar - Digital Guitar with iPhone Dock


Kickstarter has recently unveiled an iPhone-powered guitar called gTar. The instrument features a built-in iPhone dock equipped with sensors that help reveal the melody a user is playing to a special application for the iPhone.

It is worth mentioning that the creator of this fully digital guitar is Incident, a startup firm that initially had the goal of building a digital "educational" guitar that aimed at helping starting players learn guitar quicker.

In order to use the instrument the user has to connect their handset to the guitar body, load up the required application and then a series of LED lights located along the fretboard will show the user how to play.

The firm used sensors to detect the melody a person is currently playing and relay each note to the smartphone, with the latter generating the actual sound.

In addition, the Incident came up with an intuitive feature dubbed SmartPlay. This feature mutes out incorrect notes. The guitar has several levels that allow user to improve their skills by passing from Easy to Hard.

The instrument is expected to appear on the market very soon and its price will be $450.

[via Kickstarter]

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