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Latest Invention: Hair-Washing Robot from Panasonic


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Panasonic is one of just a few companies that develop device that could assist the elderly and the disabled. In 2009 the company unveiled a Robotic Bed that allows integrating a wheelchair into the bed and now it brings to public attention its latest invention - the hair-washing robot.

Panasonic's hair-washing robot was developed with the goal of reducing the burden for caregivers working in hospitals and different health care institutions. The device incorporates the company's robot hand technology with 16 fingers that are used to wash hair and sponge down the shampoo bubbles.

The two robotic hands scan the human head in 3D while moving and calculating.

Panasonic's latest invention remembers the shape of the head in order to apply the right amount of pressure when massaging and shampooing, reports Japan Today.

It is worth mentioning that each of the two robotic arms features 3 motors combined with power detection sensors. The two are used to control swing, press and massage movements.

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