Thursday, 29 Mar, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Handpresso Auto - Make Creamy Espresso in Your Car


The developer of mobile espresso machines, Handpresso, has recently unveiled its latest creation - an in-car device that allows the drive to make a steaming cup of espresso right in the vehicle.

Dubbed Handpresso Auto, the gadget weights only 880grams (1.94 lbs) and resembles a water bottle that you usually carry on a bicycle.

However, on the inside, the device a lot different, being powered by 12V DC from a cigarette lighter.

All that the user needs to do to prepare good espresso is to pour 1.79 ounces (53ml) of water, add an espresso pod of coffee grounds, turn on the lid and wait for just 2 minutes.

The Handpresso Auto can be bought for 149 Euros (around $200).

Check out the video below to see the gadget in action.

[via Handpresso]

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