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Latest Invention: Handset-Enabled Rice Cooker from Panasonic


Everyone knows that Japan is famous not only for its passion towards robotics by also for its love to rice. People in the land of the rising sun know a lot of ways to cook rice and this talent in combination with high-tech led to the creation of a new device.

Panasonic has recently unveiled the world's first rice cooker that can be controlled with the help of a smartphone. The handset can be used to set the timer, select the type of rice, as well as choose cooking variations.

In addition, the device is connected to the company's cooking cloud server, which makes it possible for the use to get access to a wide variety of recipes.

The rice cooker is available for $600 and the smartphone makes use of Android operating system and Japan's FeliCa-brand of NFC technology to communicate with it.

It is worth mentioning that Panasonic's SR-SX2 Series includes the SR-SX102-RK rice cooker available in black, SR-SX-102-W available in white, SR-SX182-RK in black/large and SR-SX182-W white/large.

[via Asiajin]

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