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Latest Invention: Head Care Robot from Panasonic Massages and Washes Your Head


The world's first shampooing robot has been presented in one of the salons in Osaka, Japan. The robot that is able to autonomously take care of a customer's head was developed by Panasonic and is called simply Head Care Robot.

Currently the machine is being tested and its results are compared to those of real hairdressers. It would be interesting to note that the robot features 24 robot fingers that massage a person's scalp.

The Head Care Robot turns on as soon as the person reclines at the washbasin. The first step involves scanning of the head. Thus the robot is able to adjust to the head. With the help of jets that roll back and forth, water, shampoo and conditioner are equally distributed.

Out of 24 fingers, the robot uses 8 to work on the client's neck and the rest are used to massage the sculp.

After the trials, Panasonic will receive feedback about its invention and start working on the next step, i.e. launching the Head Care Robot onto the market. The goal is to make the robot available mainly for the elderly and the disabled.

[via CNET]

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