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Latest Invention: HealthSpot Station - Telepresence Kiosk as an Alternative to Doctor's Office


The HealthSpot Station, developed by HealthSpot of Dublin, represents a telepresence kiosk created as an alternative to the conventional doctor's office.

With the telehealth system, developers hope to take pressure off the health care system that is under pressure now in the United States, by offering a private room in which patients can consult a physician.

The conversation is performed with the help of a high-definition video conference system.

If launched onto the market, the HealthSpot Station will act as a substitute to urgent care centers and emergency rooms. In addition, it will offer physicians a way to make use of their time in an more efficient manner.

According to the developers the system will have an attendant on duty so the patient could ask all the necessary questions and be offered assistance.

Within the kiosk there're a lot of digital instruments to help diagnosis, including a pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, dermascope, patient touchscreen, video conference screen, otoscope and stethoscope.

Besides, the kiosk is also equipped with antibacterial surfaces and UV-C lighting.

HealthSpot believes that its kiosk could be used in various locations, such as grocery stores, hospitals, doctors' and specialists' offices, emergency rooms, large businesses, rural communities, military bases, schools, nursing homes and remote areas.

Check out the videos below to see the presentation of the system and the way it works.

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