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Latest Invention: hi-Call - Gesture-Controlled Cell Phone Glove


Meet hi-Call, a Bluetooth-enabled glove that, when worn allows users to speak on the phone by making the "call me" hand gesture.

The glove is connected paired to the Bluetooth-capable phone, and can work from a distance of up to 12 meters (39 feet). It features a small speaker incorporated into the thumb, a microphone found in the pinkie finger, as well as a multi-purpose button control located on the back to help accept, reject or end calls.

To be able to make calls, the user has to use the phone. However, once the user makes the call, subsequent calls to the same number can be made from the hi-tech glove with the help of "call last number" function.

To charge the built-in lithium-ion battery, the one should use an included USB cable. The battery lasts ten days in standby mode and offers 20 hours of conversation time.

The invention will hit the market next month, being available in grey or black and priced at €49.99 ($64). The user gets the left-hand handset glove, and an ordinary right-hand glove.

[via hi-Fun]

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