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Latest Invention: High-Speed Scanner Scans 200-Page Book in 1 Minute


If you like this invention you can vote for it.Scientists from Japan recently unveiled an ultra-fast scanner that allows scanning a 200-page book in about a minute, eliminating the need of breaking up or flattening the book.

Headed by Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa, the group of researchers from the University of Tokyo managed to come up with a prototype scanner that can scan a book when you quickly flip its pages. The latest invention makes use of a high-speed camera that operates at a speed of 500fps and can generate images that boast a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. The camera takes the pictures of a page along with its images and text under standard light.

Afterwards a laser projects lines on the book's pages, making it possible for the system to adjust for the distortion of the pages when these are turned. Thus the software is able to reproduce the image into a digitized picture of a standard book page, reports

The current device is rather bulky, but researchers are looking for ways of miniaturizing it, so it would be possible to incorporate the device into various portable gadgets like smartphones. The Japanese scientists, however, faced certain issues with their latest invention. For instance, the image generated by the device may not be of high resolution and sometimes a person can skip some pages while flipping.

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