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Latest Invention: Holographic TV System from MIT Researchers


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A group of researchers from the MIT Media Lab is currently working on the creation of a holographic television system.

According to he researchers, they managed to show so far the highest frame rate for running holographic video by making use of a single Xbox Kinect and conventional graphics chips. The video that was demonstrated showed a paper crane.

It is worth mentioning that the system makes use of just one data-capture device and that is the new Kinect camera developed for Xbox gaming system. It averages around 15 fps. But scientists say that in the near future they will be able to double that, offering the same illusion of nonstop motion as TV.

"Really, the focus of our work in digital holography is that we're trying to make a consumer product," says Michael Bove. He also mentions that the group of scientists is also working on a new display that will be more compact and generate larger pictures. In addition, its production cost will be much lower than previous models, reports MIT news.

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