Wednesday, 10 Oct, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Hop - Suitcase that Wirelessly Follows Its Owner


This suitcase is equipped with receivers that communicate with the smartphone in order to make the luggage follow its owner wirelessly, moving on caterpillar tracks based on compressed air.

Dubbed the Hop, the suitcase tries to follow the user at a specific distance. However, in case the distance is too great and the signal is lost, the suitcase instantly locks itself and the user receives a vibration on their phone that informs about it.

Another interesting feature is that the several suitcases can be programmed to follow one another.

There are 3 different bits of tech in the valise that receive, identify and triangulate signals captured from the user's smartphone. The relative location of the suitcase relative to the smartphone is estimated with the help of a microcontroller.

[Cargo Collective, via Mashable]

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