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Latest Invention: i-SODOG - Smart Robot Pet Dog You Control via Smartphone


Tomy, the famous toy company, has recently presented an interactive robot dog, dubbed i-SODOG.

The robotic animal works with a smartphone and is advertised as toy for people of all ages.

Due to the sensors equipped in the back and head of the toy, the i-SODOG can move autonomously. In addition, the two microphones allow the robot to recognize 50 spoken words.

The toy can perform dance moves in time to download music. It can also show regular dog motions such as shaking hands and sitting on command.

It is worth mentioning that the robot comes with a controller, but it can also be controlled using a special application for a smartphone.

Besides controlling the movements of the dog, the user also has the possibility to play with the i-SODOG application. During the game you gain points and then you can convert those points into food for your robot.

To be able to perform its moves, the robot was equipped with 15 ultra-compact servomotor units, created in-house by Tomy.

Because the i-SODOG features a biometric sensor in its nose, several robots can communicate with each other. For example, the ability to communicate allows a robot to say that it's hungry and the other robot can say, "OK, let's eat together."

In order to engage robots into communication and allow them to exchange information, the user has to touch the two.

The company plans to release the iSODOG in 2013, making it available for 31,500 yen ($400).

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