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Latest Invention: iMpulse Serves as Gaming and Media Controller, Key Finder


Meet the iMpulse, a device that plays multiple roles so you could carry fewer gadgets in your pockets, purses and the like.

The device represents a Bluetooth gaming controller that allows you to control a myriad of mobile games, but also play the role of a key finder and even media controller. If the iMpusle is attached to your keys then you won't have problems finding them. But keep in mind that for this purpose you have to be in the Bluetooth range.

Mainly the gadget was created to control video games via Bluetooth. The iMpulse is much more compact than its competitors, while lacking some of the buttons that can be found on such controllers as the iControlPad 2. It includes 4 face buttons, 1 additional button in the middle and a joystick. It would be interesting to note that the device is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Because the iMulse is said to be a mobile media controller as well, then tablet users may benefit from that. Buttons on the controller allow searching forward, backwards, play/pause and mute media on the tablet while the joystick is used for adjust the volume.

Another interesting feature of the iMpulse lies in its ability to serve as a camera remote.

[via Kickstarter]

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