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Latest Invention: Indego - Smart Robotic Lawnmower from Bosch


One of the latest inventions that Bosch launched onto the market is called Indego and it represents a robotic lawnmower. The robotic device cuts grass without human intervention.

According to the developer, the lawnmower is able to work with an area of up to 1,000 square meters (10,764 sq ft). However, it is worth mentioning that after doing about 200 (2,153) square meters it will take itself to the charger to fill up its lithium-ion battery pack. It would be interesting to note that the robotic device can find the charger on its own. It requires about an hour and a half to fully charge.

After the battery is juiced up, the machine returns to the point where it left and carries on with its main task. Indego works rather fast (compared to its counterparts), being able to mow each area of 200 sq meters in about 20 minutes.

The reason why it works so fast is that it mows in orderly sequential rows. The same cannot be said about other autonomous lawnmowers that move randomly.

In addition, the autonomous device can sense obstacles or surfaces that do not require mowing, gravel for instance. It detects such surfaces and draws a pattern to avoid them. It can be programmed to work as often as the users wants.

The lawnmower is also equipped with a built-in audible alarm that will go off any time someone wants to snatch the robot from the owner's property. If the user changes home then the alarm code can be changed via the internet.

Currently the device is only available in Sweden and other regions of Scandinavia, but the company looks forward to extending the market for Indego, which wears a price tag of 14,995 Krona ($2,121).

[via Toolworld]

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