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Latest Invention: Intel to Launch New-Gen Ultrabooks with Human-Like Sense


Intel's representatives, recently at the Intel Developer's Forum in San Francisco, said that the company is looking forward to equipping its Ultrabooks with next-generation processors that would enrich computers with "human-like senses to perceive the user's intentions".

The new Ultrabooks are expected to hit the market in 2013. They will boast longer battery life and better processor, graphics and media performance. One of the ideas that Intel is actively working on is to turn its devices into interactive platforms with advanced senses that would facilitate more intuitive, natural interactions between computer and human.

As part of the project, the company will launch early next year its Perceptual Computing Software Development Kit beta intended for developers.

It would be interesting to note that perceptual computing can provide the Ultrabook with human-like senses and thus recognize the user's intentions. The main role is played by Intel's Creative camera, which represents a screen-mounted system that has a low-power HD 760p image sensor developed to function at close range, together with a 3D depth array and dual microphone array.

With the help of its latest camera, Intel hopes that software developers will start developing advanced applications to improve user interactions. Thus, developers can come up with speech recognition software, for example, to perform real-time language translation.

Another application could be facial analysis, with the invention being used to identify a user's age and gender by simple examining facial features.

[via Intel]

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