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Latest Invention: Invoked Computing - System that Turns Any Object Into Computer Interface


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A team of researchers at the University of Tokyo is looking forward to creating a new standard in human computer interaction. Its latest invention, called "Invoked Computing", makes it possible to turn virtually any object into a computer interface and communication gadget.

One of the developers explains that when a user makes a gesture, the computer identifies it as "I want to use the telephone." Researchers also want to develop a system that learns what the user wants to do.

Another example given by the same developer involves using a laptop projected on a pizza box. To be able to make a computer out of the box the user simply has to make a specific gesture, the system recognizes it and projects the screen and keyboard of the laptop on the surface of the box. "Everything is ubiquitous, ubiquitous augmented reality".

It is worth mentioning that this invention won the grand prize at Laval Virtual 2011 that took place in France. It was also presented at the Digital Content Expo in Tokyo. During the demonstration of the system, the presenter transformed a banana into a phone. It was possible with the help of a high speed camera that tracked the fruit and a parametric speaker array that directed the sound in a rather narrow beam in order to make the impression that sound waves are coming right out of the banana. Another demonstration involved the use of the upper mentioned pizza box.

Researchers plan to extend the variety of gestures and objects that the system is able to recognize and interact with. This will allow develop a ubiquitous AR system able to learn and anticipate the user's intentions in different situations.

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