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Latest Invention: Jeans Equipped with a Drum Kit


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Drummers, professional or amateur, will like the invention created by Aseem Mishra.

The ingenious 17-years-old student from the Hymers College in West Hull, UK, has come up with a pair of drum kit jeans.

It is worth mentioning that his invention allowed Aseem to win Young Engineer of the Year Award.

The student used 8 sensors, each for a session of a drum kit. He incorporated the sensors in his jeans and connected them to an external speaker or headset. Thus he can play drums wherever he is.

As a drummer he was very thankful to the University of Hull that offered him a laboratory.

According to Adam Young, head of design technology at Hymers College, the technology created by Aseem is very commercial and it could catch a lot of attention.

So far the device is just a prototype, but the talented student looks forward to turning his idea into a mass-producible product.

Click here to see the drum kit jeans in action.

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