Wednesday, 24 Jun, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: KOBIAN - Humanoid Robot Able to Express Emotions


The latest technological invention - humanoid robot able to express different emotions was recently unveiled as the result of cooperation between scientists from Waseda University and specialists from tmsuk Co., Ltd., a robot manufacturing company with headquarters in Kyushu.

Researchers named their latest invention KOBIAN. The robot includes features seen in previous two models, the WABIAN-2, a bipedal humanoid and WE-4RII, a robot able to express emotions. The final result was a bipedal robot able to walk around, observe the surroundings, carry out physical tasks and express different emotions.

To be able to make more expressive postures, the humanoid incorporates a double-jointed neck. The robot is able to express 7 emotions such as delight, surprise, sadness and dislike. The motors included in the robot's face allow KOBIAN to move its lips, eyelids and eyebrows.

The developers of the humanoid robot say that the expressiveness of their machine allows it to interact with humans, as well as assist with daily doings. They believe that in the near future, their latest invention could help people in the field of nursing.

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