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Latest Invention: KUBI - Low-Cost Telepresence System for Tablets


Revolve Robotics has recently presented its new low-cost telepresence "robot" dubbed KUBI. The name of the invention from Japanese can be translated as "neck".

The difference between this invention and its counterparts is that it's stationary. Simply speaking the device represents a tablet stand, to which a tablet can be connected in portrait or landscape mode.

Thus the user can remotely pan and tilt the computer left and right to 300 degrees in order to change their viewpoint. Callers also have the possibility to tilt tablet up and down 90 degrees. This is possible with the help of a special iOS and Android application.

It is worth mentioning that the invention can be used to hold tablets with screen sizes measuring between 7.9" and 10.6".

KUBI can be positioned on the market as a cost-effective addition to traditional teleconferencing systems.

You are free to view Revolve Robotics' KUBI in the video below and track the device's progress at its indiegogo campaign page. In case the KUBI reaches its funding goal, the telepresence system is expected to wear a price tag of US$250.

[Revolve Robotics via Wired

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