Monday, 12 Sep, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: LED Court Markings for Multi-Sport Surfaces


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LEDSSPORTS is a Dutch firm that recently presented its latest invention meant to solve the biggest problems linked with the large number of sports played on multi-purpose surface.

The company's technology involves the use of LED court markings that can be activated or turned off depending on the type of sport that is to be played.

The Pulastic LED Court replaces the numerous lines on multi-purpose playing fields that quite often confuse players. Depending on the sport the technology illuminates only the necessary lines, while other markings remain invisible.

In addition, the use of LEDSSPORTS' technology means that a special floor cover will no longer be needed. With just a push of a button all the needed lines will be illuminated.

Currently the technology is under development for a number of other uses such as interactive gaming, emergency routing and interactive flooring in the medical care fields, reports Gizmag.

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