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Latest Invention: LED Lamp That Can Last for 37 Years


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Designer Jack Dyson used microprocessor cooling technology to come up with a LED lamp that can lit 12 hours a day for 37 years.

It is worth mentioning that today LEDs represent the eco-friendliest light bulbs. However, they still have one drawback - their efficiency is not at the level that advertisement says. The biggest issues is that LEDs overheat, thus considerably reducing the lifespan of a light bulb.

The Lighting Research Center says that a lifespan of an LED at 45 degrees Celsius can reach 100,000 hours, while at 85 degrees Celsius this figure can drop down to 10,000 hours.

According to Jake Dyson Products, a design studio from UK, it was able to invent a way to extend the lifespan of LEDs by tapping technology initially created for satellites.

Their CSYS LED task light features a pipe located the horizontal arm that sends warmth away from the LEDs, releasing heat equally over the rest of the arm. This, as the studio estimations claim, maintains the light source at a rather low level to be able to last for 160,000 hours.

It would be interesting to note that the CSYS LED task light was first presented at Designjunction during the London Design Festival that took place in September. The developer says that the lamp will hit the US market in May and will wear a price tag of $925.

[via Dezeen]

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