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Latest Invention: Lens that Shoots Pictures From 9 Angles Simultaneously and Make a 3D Picture


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A group of scientists from the Ohio State University managed to develop a lens that can take pictures of a particular object from 9 different angles at the same time and then combine the images to make a 3D one.

Their latest invention is claimed to be world's first single, stationery lens able to generate 3D images by itself.

It would be interesting to note that the lens is about the size of a fingernail and so far it is in the development stage. The device resembles a gemstone with 8 facets.

Lei Li, an OSU postdoc, is the one responsible for writing a program that allows cutting a small piece of acrylic glass with the help of an ultraprecision milling device. Due to the fact that the facets are of different size and placed at different angles, an object placed under the camera is viewed from several angles simultaneously. This is like "putting several microscopes into one," explains Li.

With the help of their latest invention researchers were able to shoot 3D images of the tip of a ballpoint pen that has a diameter of about a millimeter, reports The Engineer.

The device could be used in medical industry, for example, to reduce the size of devices to study fluids. "We hope to help manufacturers reduce the number and sizes of equipment they need to miniaturize products," said Allen Yi, a member of the research team.

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