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Latest Invention: LG Unveils World's First Curved OLED TV


This year at CES Samsung decided to unveil its curved OLED TV. Despite the fact that the company claims this is the world's first curved television set, another tech giant LG doesn't think so.

Moreover, LG says that it is going to become the world's first firm to begin commercializing the technology and that the first to obtain the Curved OLED TV in May will be people of South Korea.

It is worth mentioning that the new TV from LG is called 55EA9800 and it boasts a 54.6-inch screen with curved forward edges that provide "IMAX-like" viewing experience.

According to the company its researchers needed 5 years to come up with the optimum curvature so that the whole surface of the screen is equidistant from the eyes of the viewer.

LG's 55EA9800 is equipped with in-house WRGB technology, which adjoins a white sub-pixel to the traditional red, green and blue sub pixels. In addition, the TV has an infinite contrast ratio that cannot be affected by ambient brightness or viewing angle.

Another interesting thing about the new curved TV is its thickness, which is just 4.3 mm, and weight - 17 kg (37.5 lb).

For customer's comfort, the company ahs also developed a wall mount for its TV.

The initial price of the TV is 15 million Korean Won (around US$13,500). In the coming months LG will announce the price of its curved TV for other markets.

[via LG]

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