Wednesday, 16 Sep, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Light Batteries Created from Salt and Paper


Scientists are currently testing a new type of battery made of paper and salt. If their latest invention proves to be efficient, the eco-friendly battery could be widely used in smart cards, RFID tags and a number of other portable gadgets.

The new battery has a number of advantages and disadvantages over the currently popular lithium batteries. Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden say that their latest invention is composed of pressed mats of tangled cellulose fibers and salt solution. The former is for electrodes while the latter acts for the electrolyte. Scientists believe that the new type of battery could replace the lithium battery in the near future, mainly due to the fact that such batteries are cheaper and easier to make.

Currently the team is looking forward to make their battery more comparable to the lithium one in terms of capabilities, reports Technology Review. It is worth mentioning that lithium batteries can bring 4 volt and boast energy density of 200 to 300 milliwatt-hours per gram, while one paper battery cell brings just 1 volt and is able to store up to 25 milliwatt-hours per gram.

The cellulose features paper layers and is created using polluting algae that grows in seas and lakes. The cellulose also allows the extremely light battery to be charged 100 times faster that lithium battery. However, scientists say that more research is required to improve the new battery's capabilities. Still the team believes that their latest invention might hit the market in the next 3 years.

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