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Latest Invention: Lighty - Control Light Using Interactive Pen and User-Friendly Interface


Meet a revolutionary lighting system called Lighty. It is composed of several robotic lights mounted on the ceiling. The user can control the lights' brightness and orientation using a special interface.

The whole process resembles photoshop. All that the user needs to do is color the areas on a display and thus make some regions darker and some brighter.

A special interactive pen is used to make a certain area in a room brighter or darker. There's a camera installed on the ceiling that controls and displays results in real time.

The intuitive interface makes it very simple to control complex lighting systems - the user only has to color the screen, while the computer does all the necessary calculations.

On the stand you can see the system in action, with examples given on a 1/12 scale prototype. The system features 12 lights that move on two axes with the help of gimbals, thus distributing the level of light around the area precisely.

Soon the developer of the system plans to make such installations in actual home environments.

[via DigInfo News]

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