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Latest Invention: Little Printer - Device that Prints Small Newspapers on User's Demand


BERG Cloud is a British firm that has recently announced about its new device called Little Printer that represents a box-shaped gadget developed to surf the Internet based on criteria set by the user, and print off a small newspaper with just a push of a button.

The newspaper is printed out on a paper the size of a cash register receipt. The printout can be then easily stuffed in a pocket, wallet etc.

There will be no necessity to use computers (in the traditional sense) to make the printer work. With the help of a cloud-based system, a person can set up the device using their handset. Thus the user informs the machine about the content that should be collected from partnered web services, including Arup professional services, Foursquare, Google, the Guardian, and Nike. In the future the list may contain more partners.

The content may include news articles, weather reports, puzzles, pictures and more. In addition, the user will also be able to print out messages from friends from Foursquare.

It is worth mentioning that the printer does not use ink, being able to produce thermal black-and-white text and graphics. The device is connected to the cloud wirelessly through the BERG Cloud Bridge, an apparatus located next to the user's router.

[via Wired UK]

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