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Latest Invention: Lovotics - A Robot that Can Love


A group of researchers from the National University of Singapore, led by Hooman Samani, an AI professor, managed to come up with a small, fuzzy robot able to show the feeling of love.

Dubbed Lovotics, the robot is small and cute and boasts an artificial intelligence to love. In addition, the machine can identify the level of affection the user has for it.

Due to the fact that it was programmed on how a people usually behave when they're in love, the robot is able to show various emotions including love, happiness, jealousy, disgust, surprise, anger and embarrassment.

On the outside the machine is cute, but inside one will be able to discover a complex robot equipped with microphones, cameras and numerous sensors.

Besides, the way the robot shows its love is very interesting. Feelings are displayed via yellow, blue, green or pink LED lights.

The user will also have to cuddling the robot later on. It asks for petting after the user ignores it for a while. At the moment the team of researchers is working on improving the Lovotics' emotions.

[via Reuters]

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