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Latest Invention: Machine That Prints Off a Book in Minutes


Espresso Book Machine is the latest invention from British engineers that can truly revolutionize the book-making industry. The machine can print off virtually any book listed in a huge computer database at the touch of a button.

This latest invention was recently presented by book chain Blackwell. Due to its possibilities there is no need to search for a hard-to-find novel. The machine is able to print even the works that are already out of print.

In addition, the Espresso Book Machine can help novelists to print out their own works. All that is required is a CD with the novel and the book will be ready in minutes. This will be very useful if such machines are installed in different book stores. The newly printed book will have the same cost as if it was bought from the shelf.

According to Blackwell, at the moment there are 400,000 books that are ready to be printed out. The company hopes that by summer this figure will reach 1 million.

The Espresso Book Machine can print 105 pages per minute. The latest invention unveiled by Blackwell looks like an industrial photocopier and printer. The goal of Blackwell is to allow the user to pick any novel from a huge catalogue in a kiosk and then press the button "Make Book" on the machine located near.

When the machine starts printing, it makes the cover of the book first. Afterwards it prints and collates the pages, which are then clamped and glued to the spine. During the final phase pages are stuck to the cover and then trimmed to the standard A4 size. The final product pops out of a slot found in the side of the Espresso Book Machine, reports The Daily Mail.

The machine is expected to provide strong competition to supermarkets and online retailers, such as Amazon.

"Companies such as Amazon have been offering a very competitive service but you still have one or two days to wait from ordering the book until it arrives," said Andrew Hutchings, of Blackwell.

"With the Espresso Book Machine you can order it and have it in your hand within a few minutes. Having books printed on-demand also reduces the carbon footprint and cuts down on the number that are pulped or sent back," he added.

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