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Latest Invention: Magnetically Levitating Sky Pods - the Next Urban Transport System


Unimodal Systems recently presented the design of its latest invention - a transport system called SkyTran that promotes individualized travel, but at the same time it can be used as a mass transport. The transport system consists of so-called sky pods that take advantage of magnets in order to levitate from their rails.

Here's how this latest invention works: a passenger enters the pod, types the desired location and the computer does the rest. One sky pod is able to carry up to three passengers and travel at a speed of 150 mph. The computer system will be able to avoid traffic jams as well as bring the pods to crowded areas. Besides reducing traffic jams, the system is also eco-friendly and rather inexpensive.

Unimodal Systems' latest invention has the goal of cutting the reliance that people have on vehicles. Initially the system could be used in airports and busy urban areas. Then the company looks forward to expand its system, providing it on a larger scale, reports Discovery News. According to engineers the whole system is easy to build, the most costly part being the construction of rails. The company also says that its latest invention uses already existent technology, thus SkyTran can be build today without having to wait for new developments.

Over about two years Unimodal Systems has been trying to launch its project. Currently the company works together with NASA's Ames Research Center on a project that would involve using the software developed to control robots. In case the software helps NASA with its activities in space and in the field of aeronautics, the Californian company could gather enough resources to finally turn its system into one of the new forms of urban transport.

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