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Latest Invention: Mind-Controlled TV Concept


Haier's latest invention recently presented is a mind-controlled TV at CES 2012. Dubbed the "Brain Wave TV", the device features a 58-inch display and it can be seen at the company's booth. This is just a prototype that the company is currently working on.

To be able to control the futuristic television set, the user only needs to put on an EEG headpiece (on the image you can see the right position of the device that reads your brain).

However, the company did not show any TV interface. Instead it decided to demonstrate its innovation on a mini-game in which the player should try to make a barrel explode by focusing on it very hard.

Basically, the headpiece reads the electrical activity on the user's scalp. Still due to the fact that currently it only has one main sensor, the device didn't really show good results, though the whole idea is worth appreciating.

According to Haier, in the near future it plans to equip its EEG headpiece with functions that will allow the user to use their brain to adjust the volume and switch channels.

[via Engadget]

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