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Latest Invention: Morphix Chameleon - Wrist Worn Device that Spots Toxic Gases


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Toxic gases are extremely hazardous for our health and the most invisible ones can have the most serious impact. With this in mind Morphix Technologies decided to come up with a device that can detect various chemicals.

Developed for the military, firefighters, police and emergency medical workers the device, called Chameleon, can be worn on the forearm and include up to 10 disposable cassettes, each designed for a different toxic gas.

In case of toxic gas presence, the viewing window of a cassette will partially change its color. The device does not require power or calibration. In addition, it can be used in water for about an hour.

Initially the Chameleon was created for the U.S. Marine Corps, being designed to resist tough conditions. However, with an increasing risk of hazardous gas exposure, the company decided to develop the Chameleon for firefighters, police and emergency medical personnel.

Morphix Technologies mentioned that in the near future it plans to equip its invention with additional sensors.

[via Morphtec]

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