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Latest Invention: Motorized Knee That Allows Running Faster Using Less Muscle Power


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The latest invention of researchers from the Tsukuba University in Japan is a motorized knee that a person can attach on his or her knee and be able to run faster. At the same time the motorized knee does not increase muscle power.

The device comes with a kit weighting five kilograms. Part of the kit straps to the wearer's leg and another part (which includes the battery and the control unit) the person wears as a backpack. It is worth mentioning that the latest invention of the Japanese scientists is not meant to help people with physical disabilities. Its main goal is to support the contract of the knee for those who look forward to make their running more efficient.

Using the motorized knee, the wearer can run at an approximate speed of 7.5km/h while using 30 percent less muscle power compared to when he or she does not wear the device. According to researchers, today there is a niche for their latest invention on the market and is expected to hit the stores by 2012.

The small motor incorporated in the device allows the knee to flex. The built-in sensor identifies the degree of flexing. In addition, the device features a safety lever, informs CrunchGear. This latest invention could be helpful for people who are recovering from knee surgery, but scientists did not mention anything regarding the usage of their device for various medical purposes.

Researchers from Tsukuba University were also the authors of the famous Robot Suit HAL, (Hybrid Assistive Limb) that makes it possible for people, who became paralyzed as a result of accident, learn to walk again.

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