Wednesday, 23 May, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Move - Tech Garment that Syncs to iOS to Train You in Yoga


One of the projects elaborated by ElectricFoxy is called Move. The invention represents a prototype garment that makes use of stretch sensors to sense the positions of your shoulders through your back and identify the poses of exercises like yoga, pilates and different types of sport like baseball and golf.

In case the wearer does something wrong, the small vibrations on the tank top will let them know. In shirt - it is an automated trainer for people who are not fond of yoga classes.

One of the most interesting things about Move is that it synchs with an iPhone application in real time to carry out real-time analysis of the wearer's moves.

With its help, according to the developer, the user will be able to register optimal performance and precision in movement and with precise movement you improve your fitness and thus health.

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