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Latest Invention: Technology that Allows People to Move Virtual Characters Using Own Movements


The New York City-based company called Organic Motion Inc. has recently presented its latest invention - OpenSTAGE platform that was unveiled at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL) in Manhattan.

The company claims that its latest invention makes it possible for users to "bring Sony animated characters to life" by simply moving own body parts. In its statement the company said that its platform allows people to operate with virtual characters without the need to put on special body-tracking devices. Such technology could be widely used in a variety of fields, including medicine, sports and entertainment. Thus people could quickly pass through the system and easily obtain accurate body movement digitalized and uploaded to a computer for further analysis, reports TG Daily.

Chris Michaels, the spokesman for Organic Motions Inc. stated that the company used 14 cameras and advanced software to be able to make the accurate digital representation of a person. Comparing to Microsoft's Project Natal, Michaels mentioned that the technology used by Organic Motions, unlike that used in Project Natal, is not "limited to a one-dimensional plane due to its single camera." You can read about Project Natal here at www.infoniac.com, the link can be found at the bottom of the article.

He noted that the software giant's project is very game-focused, while the latest invention of Organic Motions can be used for different applications. "Our systems are also used by various federal agencies to train emergency workers and by the military to prepare soldiers for combat," said Michaels.

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